Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Imperfectly Beautiful

My ongoing search for vintage, silver plated platters 
led me to a local thrift store this morning.
I found no platters,
but did find a couple of treasures that I bought.

This beautiful ring had some significant problems 
which is why it was tagged at the surprisingly low price of 
it's sterling 
and turquoise
and lovely.

The chip in the turquoise?
it's there
and no,
it doesn't bother me.
I would never try to sell one of my pieces with a defect like this,
but I'm happy to add this ring to my personal stash.

In addition to the chip, 
the shank of the ring was quite mangled,
making it practically impossible to fit most fingers.

No problem...
when you have the right tools and the right know-how.

Using my ring mandrel and my favorite hammer,
the shank was persuaded back in to wearable shape.

The other treasure that came home with me
is a brass vase with a beautiful patina.

Bright and shiny is rarely appealing to me.
I tend to gravitate to those older items 
that are faded, rusty and otherwise marred.
Those are the items that have history and a story to tell.
Those are the items that speak to my soul.

priced at 50¢, 
this item spoke to my frugality.

Paired with Narcissus from my front yard,
this vase is perfect.