Thursday, May 30, 2013

In My Garden Today

Blooming in my garden today.....

yellow bearded iris


white bearded iris


purple Japanese iris




Soon to bloom....the Hydrangeas.
I love my garden!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

All Creatures

So happy to find out that my two paintings were juried into an upcoming show, 'All Creatures' at Beauty Art Gallery in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.
The show will officially open on June 1 and run through July 18.

During the first two weeks of the show, the gallery will donate 10% of their portion of sales to the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team which  provides emergency transport, shelter, and veterinary care to animals involved in residential fires and other disasters.
 Red Paw works within a network that includes veterinary care facilities, boarding facilities, kennels and training facilities, animal rescue groups and fosters in Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, and Bucks counties in Pennsylvania.

Are you in the area?
Stop by and see a wonderful collection of creatures and maybe support a great cause.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Give Me Your Recyclables, Your Trash

So....I am now the person that some people think of when they go to throw things out.
On more than a few occasions, I have been given something with the explanation, "I saw this going out to the garbage/recycling, and I said, "Wait a minute, Cynthia might want that.""
And I'm completely OK with that.
I like that challenge of taking something that might otherwise have been destined to be left curbside and turning it into an appealing (hopefully) piece of jewelry.
This empty beer can came to me via one of the members of the Hammer and Yammer group at Main Line Art Center who properly assumed that I might want to turn it into something else.
I love the name and I love the graphics.
I think that the imagery of the Statue of Liberty sitting on the Golden Gate Bridge is pretty irresistible.
Lady Liberty cooling her feet in the San Francisco Bay, with her crown, torch and tablet set could I not love this?
I used my jeweler's saw to cut off the top and bottom.
Using my metal snips, I cut along the vertical seam which allowed me to flatten the can and plan my strategy for cutting out discs.
I lined up the metal in my disc cutter, trying to maximize the graphic quality of each disc and continued cutting until I ran out of interesting options.
I ended up with a collection of 3/4" diameter discs of very thin aluminum.
In order for these discs to be of any use, they would have to be paired up with other metal to create a durable structure.
I decided to revisit the detail that I used in my 'Ghosts of My Past' necklace that I made in 2009 and prepared to make some 'Hell or High Watermelon' charms.

 Forged copper rings were made with interior openings of approximately 5/8" diameter.
 With a solid circle of textured brass as the backing, a 'Hell or Highwater' cutout became the center part of a 3 layer metal sandwich, riveted together with segments of sterling wire.
The backing is a disc that was cut from a piece of brass that had been textured with the rolling mill.
I don't yet know how I'll use the charms, but it would be typical for me to have them sit on my workbench for 6 months....maybe more while I consider the possibilities.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Day at Woodmere Art Museum

This past Saturday, I spent the day at Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia, taking part in the 'Meet the Designers' event.
It was a lovely day.
Seven of us, local artists/designers, who are represented by the Museum Gift Shop, sold our wares in the Founders Gallery.
Without question, I have never sold my jewelry in a more beautiful venue.
The gallery as we were setting up displays and before the space filled up with shoppers and museum-goers.
It was wonderful to be in the midst of beautiful and historical artwork.
It was also a little nerve wracking.
My space was at the front of the room.
Behind my table was a pretty narrow space that was bordered by a brass rail around 30" high.
On the other side of the brass rail was this beautiful bust of Abraham Lincoln on a pedestal.
I was a nervous wreck having to stand so close to pedestal Abe, with my back to him.
It felt like potential disaster was hovering over me for the entire day.
A couple of times, I forgot the details of my setting and was overcome with the uneasy feeling that someone was closing in on me from behind.
Of course, it was only stoic and quiet Abe.

I'm sure that I will offend art historians with this, my immediate left was a very peculiar portrait.
All right....I admit to describing it to some as creepy. 
I was uncomfortably fascinated by the face with shifty eyes and a five o'clock shadow.
It was nice to have the reassuring presence of Abe close by, even if it was a little too close.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Woodmere Art Museum 'Meet the Designers'

This Saturday, my jewelry and I will be at Woodmere Art Museum in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia.

If you're in the area and stop by, please say hello!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Hanging of Paintings at Burlap & Bean

For years, I thought about trying to paint.
Around 1 1/2 years ago I finally decided enough of this thinking about trying....just do it!
I'm lucky to live close to three different art centers, each offering a nice variety of classes and workshops in different areas of artistic pursuits.
After checking out the various oil painting classes that were available, I signed up Portrait Painting Tradition with Geroganna Lenssen at Wayne Art Center.
I wasn't especially interested in doing portraits, but I was interested in learning from Georganna after seeing her work. 
Georganna is a fabulous teacher, and my fellow 'classmates' are lovely people with an abundance of talent.
My goal has always been to develop my painting skill so that it could hopefully become a source of income.
This week, I hung paintings for my first show.
For the month of May, I am the featured artist at Burlap & Bean in Newtown Square, PA.

Burlap & Bean is a wonderful, independent, family owned and operated coffeehouse.
Coffee beans are roasted onsite, and I think that they brew the best cup of coffee in the region.
The Burlap & Bean folk are also great supporters of local talent, offering their walls as gallery space and the shop as a comfortable, intimate venue for musicians on Thursday and Friday evenings.
Want to stop by?
Burlap & Bean is located at
The Shops at Springton Pointe
204 South Newtown Street Road (Route 252)
Newtown Square, PA
If you like coffee, you will not be disappointed!