Monday, August 3, 2009

Salvaged Typewriter

I had been wanting to find an old typewriter for some time when I came across this relic at a local church sale. I wanted to try to use typewriter keys in some of my jewelry pieces but only if I could locate a cheap source. At $5.00, I decided this was my chance.
Oh my goodness..........taking apart this typewriter was a more challenging task than I had imagined it would be. So many screws to locate and loosen! After being tightly wound for probably 60 plus years, some of the screws absolutely refused to cooperate. As I struggled to get to the point where the 'keyboard' keys could be removed, I developed such an appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the design and for the amount of workmanship that was required to ensure that I would never figure out how to take this machine apart. It was at around this point of the dissection when my attention shifted from the 'keyboard' to the striker keys. I thought they would be interesting stamps for imprinting text onto some of my metal jewelry.
The battle continued until I finally was able to lift out the connected set of striker keys which have a lovely, older font style.

My salvaged typewriter striker/stamps are now organized and ready for use. Many of the other typewriter pieces are stored for a future necklace that I am picturing in my mind and has already been tentatively named
'You're Just My Type'.

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  1. Such an old invention it is. But I must say that it was the best technology that has ever invented. I have seen people who still use typewriters.