Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Into the Garden

Time to venture out of the jewelry studio and into the garden which has been woefully neglected for the past month. I had to admit defeat to a band of apparently famished rabbits and to the toxic black walnuts in my neighbors yard. Those clever, devious black walnuts send a toxin into the soil that makes it difficult for anything but their offspring to grow and thrive. I know this and yet I continue to believe that my determination and wishful thinking will give my tomatoes and corn immunity. I did get enough tomatoes to make a large batch of sauce, although the tomatoes came from my other neighbors garden.

Something that is working in my garden is the planting of Sedum (mauve/pink), Caryopteris (bluish/purple) and Pennisetum (feathery grass) shown above. I think this is a perfect combination of colors and textures. This is at the front edge of my vegetable garden and it is so lovely that it makes me feel more forgiving towards those dasterdly black walnuts.

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