Friday, December 25, 2009

Wonderful Christmas Gift!

My younger, creative twin wrote and illustrated the following political holiday cartoon for my Christmas gift. I absolutely love it and he has given me permission to share it with my blog visitors. I hope that you enjoy it.

'Santa was forced to ask the government for a bailout of the North Pole because...'

'He had to pay a $100.00 ticket after talking on a cell phone while flying over Philadelphia'

(Those not from the Philadelphia area need to know about Michael Vick to fully appreciate the above commentary)

'He was believed to have "played" with Tooth Fairy. After learning this, Mrs. Claus attacked him with a golf club, causing him to crash his slay (that's my son's spelling) as he fled, and she is now filing for a divorce.'

'Was sued by parents for giving out Zhu-Zhu pets that contained high traces of lead'
I think my creative, younger twin is one funny young man!


  1. This is great Christmas Gift Share!I would like to add you in my blog list. your words are so inspiring and heart touchy. you seems a good person by heart.

  2. I love you santa clause. This sounds a bit funny in the images but one of the best gift one can give to his loved ones on christmas. Children will love it. I like the way you explain stories with images.