Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Platter Possibilities Again

I recently found this metal platter at a local thrift store and bought it for the curious price of $2.92.
I was attracted to the border design which, although very tarnished and dirty, showed great promise.

I used my favorite metal polish to clean up a portion of the rim design and was very happy with the delicate and intricate pattern that I could now fully appreciate.

I used my trusty hand saw to begin cutting apart the rim.

I let the pattern dictate my cuts and ended up with these 'Chiclet' pieces of metal. (I'm guessing that Chiclet reference might be lost on anyone below a particular age).

All edges of each piece were filed and sanded. The surface was also buffed with a fine sand paper to highlight the patterning. Each piece was drilled with my flex shaft.

I have a number of ideas for my metal 'Chiclets', but I started out making a series of earrings like this pair with wire wrapped fresh water pearls.
This pair includes wire wrapped, faceted garnet rondelles.
I luckily have a lot more rim of this platter for future projects.

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