Friday, May 14, 2010

More Bangles

I make plenty of necklaces and earrings, but have recently been focusing on making a variety of bracelets after a specific request was made for more wrist options. I spent last night making etched brass bangles. These images were taken after the bangles were etched and lightly sanded to reveal details.

More cleaning and buffing is needed, but I like the look of these!


  1. That's lovely. It looks very ancient. It's amazing how you've made use of brass. Manufacturers from Brooklyn are providing the best quality metals like brass and copper. I'm thinking about making a bracelet for my wife though I still don't know what materials to use, but I'm talking to some brass suppliers for ideas. I'm also thinking of creating a lovely pendant, and I'll use thin brass sheet for the shaping.

  2. Lawrence- I only just saw your comment. I hope that your project worked out. If you're thinking of incorporating etching in your bracelet, brass and copper are great materials since you can use ferric chloride as your etchant. Good luck!