Monday, September 13, 2010

Objects and Elements

I have been an admirer of Susan Lenart Kazmer's work for years. I love how she incorporates found and recycled objects, like pencil nubs and subway tokens, into her jewelry. She elevates ordinary items to pieces of wearable art. When she published "Making Connections", a book that focuses on cold connections, I immediately bought it and frequently pull it out for
late night reading.
I read earlier this year that Susan's company, Objects and Elements, had developed a line of products to be retailed by Michael's. When her line 'Industrial Chic' became available, I went to the local store and found some wonderful items that were well designed, whimsical and remarkably affordable.

This small treasure box is hinged and opens to reveal tiny dice concealed within. I chose to use it as the pendant feature of a necklace and wrapped the elliptical-shaped hanging part with lengths of recycled copper wire that I had balled on both ends with my propane plumbers torch.

I wire wrapped a collection of elements including hand forged copper rings, faceted serpentine (sometimes called olive jade), faceted amazonite, sterling spacers and a hand made clasp and made the necklace long enough so that it could be worn doubled up.

I prefer this as a long necklace with more of the components visible.
The eclectic nature of Susan Lenart Kazmer's work is so appealing to me, and I aimed to capture that spirit in the design of this necklace.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From the Workbench

At any given time, I have several projects underway. These are some of my current works in progress:

This oval was saw cut from a piece of copper that I etched. The plan is for this to be the back of a pin.

This is the beginnings of a necklace with wire wrapped semi-precious gemstones (so far- crystal, tanzanite, prehnite and amethyst) and sterling chain. The plan is for this to be long enough to have the option of wrapping twice around the neck. I'm thinking that some kind of central pendant might be incorporated.

These brass pieces have been stamped, textured and sanded for my 'OY VEY' and 'Na Cl OF THE EARTH' earrings. Different wire wrapped dangles will be added.

And almost completed is this necklace with kyanite, sterling Bali beads, freshwater pearls and sterling chain/clasp.