Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Soldering Progress

Last night's soldering efforts had some of the usual frustrations, but I also had limited success.

I made a collection of closed sterling jump rings. I also set another cabochon from my bag of stones using fine silver bezel wire soldered onto a piece of copper that had been both milled and stamped. So I've got a small gob of solder at the top that I still have to clean up a bit. I'm just pleased that the solder flowed pretty much where it was supposed to. This will soon become a necklace, and there is a nice detail on the back that I'll capture when I have a completed piece.

The riveted copper ring on my earlier pendant bothered me a bit too much. I'm much happier with this wire wrapped connection that I made with sterling wire, sterling spacers and amazonite rondelles. The ice blue color of the amazonite captures some of the colors in the cabochon and is more graceful than the hand forged copper ring. The in-progress sterling chain is being wire wrapped with pearls, amazonite and aquamarine.

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