Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yes, I Make the Components

Earlier this year, I took part in a one day street fair that was a juried 'Fine Art & Craft' show. I don't typically do this type of show, and I enjoyed meeting the other artists/craftspeople and those people who pause at my booth. Most people are very friendly, and I appreciate the feedback that I get on both my jewelry and display.
You may notice that I used the word 'most'.
One gentleman was coerced into stopping at my booth because his wife wanted to look at my display. She clearly wanted some of my earrings, and I had the impression that the husband clearly did not want her to make a purchase.
He looked at me and said, "You made all this stuff?!"
I explained that yes, I had made everything and that everyone in the show had made all of their 'stuff'. That's kind of what these juried shows are all about.
He then pointed at one pair of earrings and said with more that just a little bit of dismissive aggressiveness, "How long did it take you to make those?"
His tone suggested that he didn't think my effort was worth the whopping $37.00 that I was charging.
I explained that it was difficult to know how long it takes to make a particular piece since I make the components in batches before I can start assembling any finished piece.
He looked at me as if I were telling him an egregious lie and said, "You make the components?!"
"Yes, I make the components."
I was thinking I could explain the process, but I didn't feel like engaging him in further conversation. Plus, I know that he wasn't interested in understanding my process; he was interested in making sure that his wife didn't spend any money at my booth.

My process for one type of component:
I cut discs from a piece of sheet metal.
All edges are sanded smooth.
The discs are then annealed, making the metal softer and darkened from the oxidation that occurs when exposed to the heat of the acetylene torch.
Stamps were selected for texturing.
Using the stamps, textures were hammered onto one side of each disc.
The discs were sanded to clean up some of the oxidized finish, better revealing the stamped textures and holes were punched in some of the discs.
Some had another disc cut out.
Those tiny cut out discs were sanded along the edges
and then drilled and domed.
After completing those steps, I had components ready so that I could design and assemble a selection of earrings.
So....yes, sir.
My jewelry is hand made and I do make the components.

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