Monday, May 7, 2012

Soldered Pendant

While organizing my metals recently, I rediscovered some textured pieces that had been ignored for too long. 
A piece of brass that had been etched was paired with a piece of copper that I had milled with a loosely woven fabric.  Both pieces were filed and sanded before being soldered together. 
I liked the simplicity of the metals and dismissed the idea of drilling into the copper to provide for connecting to a chain.
I instead chose to cut a segment of brass tubing for my bail.
Both ends were filed and sanded before soldering the tube to the back of the copper.
I had also filed the length of the tube to create a flat plane, ensuring that the tube would sit nicely in place while I did my soldering.
Wouldn't you know.....things somehow went a little wonky while the solder flowed, and the left side of the tube shifted ever so slightly downward. 
I haven't put this on its chain yet to determine if it sits crooked, but I may have to heat this again to nudge the bail into proper placement.
And so yet again, soldering reminds me that I am rarely in control.

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  1. Soldering reminds me often that I am never in control, It's taking me a while to get it, I hope I do soon. I love the textures on the pendant