Friday, February 15, 2013

Poetic Pendants

Years ago, my Mom gave me a handbag that was basically a muslin pouch covered with shells.
I looked at it and thought, "Yup, here's another gift that I will never, ever use."
A major standout of the considerable number of never, ever used gifts were the ski overalls in orange, yellow, pink and green plaid.
Did I ski?
If I skied, would I ever, ever wear orange, yellow, pink and green plaid ski overalls?
Oh well.....
I set the handbag aside thinking that the shells could maybe be repurposed in some kind of project.
Once I was sure that my Mom had forgotten about the handbag, I cut off the shells and put them in a jar for safekeeping until the right project came to mind.
As is often the case, the idea of a project can take some time to form, and more than six years later I finally thought, "Yes, I know what to do with those shells!"
The smooth, concave side of each shell seemed like it would be a good surface for......for something.
Each shell was already drilled, so I knew that I would be able make easy wire wrapping connections.
I pulled out my 1920's book of poetry by John Keats, selected short passages that would fit on the shells and attached them with liquid medium.
Once the medium dried, I coated the surface with a 2-part resin.
Wire wrappings were made with annealed steel.
One necklace has been completed using sterling chain and wire, pearls and prehnite.
This necklace and other items were delivered yesterday to my new sales outlet, Wayne Art Center Gift Shop.
No, I never did use the handbag.
My Mom loved poetry, so I don't think that she would mind.

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