Friday, February 21, 2014

Metal Texture Friday

The last few weeks have yielded some excellent thrift store finds.
My most recent find....this morning's purchase of a $1.00 baking dish holder.
The dish and lid were not present, but that didn't matter.
I was interested in the pattern of the cutouts.
I had some ideas that I was itching to try out, so I put my jeweler's saw to use when I got home.
With a section removed, I had to cut off the top and bottom rims so that I could work with a flat piece of metal.
Part of the serving dish was sandwiched between two pieces of annealed copper, and the 3 layers were fed through my rolling mill.
I like the resulting imprint, but it was a bit more subtle that I was hoping for.
I decided to try another tactic.
I placed another part of the serving dish on top of annealed copper and slammed it with my all purpose hammer.
This technique resulted in a more dimensional imprint.
Even the back side of the hammered copper has a great look.
And for another effect....
I sandwiched pieces of cut cardstock between two pieces of annealed brass.
A run through the rolling mill left a beautiful texture.
Now the challenge is figuring out how to use these great pieces of textured metal.

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