Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Necklace of Summertime

I have a healthy sized collection of beads and components that I've gradually accumulated over the years.
When I get in my studio/workbench cleaning mode, I try to let go of those pieces that have been sitting around for far too long, ignored and adding to the creative chaos that I'm constantly trying to keep under control.
Anything that is not in the 'definitely keep' or the 'probably keep so that I can likely reevaluate in a couple of years' category gets donated to one of the local art centers.
My recent workbench tidying found me considering a large, vintage resin bead that I've had for at least 6 years, waiting for the right idea to surface.
Sometimes, I think you just have to decide that it's time to make an idea surface.
Just do it and be done!
I started by choosing a color palette of summer using carnelian, citrine and honey jade.
Because my feature bead is so large, I wanted to embellish the top and bottom with bead caps which I made with hand cut/hand textured discs of copper.

 I chose to make bead caps for the citrine beads as well, but not being round beads, those caps had to be formed with a bit more care.
Pie shaped wedges were cut out of textured discs which allowed me to form the caps to the particular shape of the bead.
 Etched strips of silver nickel, textured discs of brass, sterling chain and sterling wire were also used.
 Finally...that bead has found a place that is no longer the surface of my workbench, and I have a necklace that speaks of the bright happiness of summertime.

Also speaking of summertime...
I have been using a weather piece of wood as my jewelry photo backdrop for a few years, usually keeping it outside near my picture taking spot.
When I grabbed the board to photograph my new necklace, I first noticed a small pile of sawdust on the ground and then the telltale perfect circular hole.
Some carpenter bee had invaded my prize piece of wood right in the middle of the section that I prefer to use.
I decided that it was time to keep the board indoors to avoid additional holes, but thought I should first find out if there were any occupants in that current hole.
I started banging on the board with my pruning shears and sure enough....some very irritated buzzing started coming from within the board.
I kept banging until one ticked off bee emerged from the hole and flew away. 
The board now stays inside.
Sorry bee.

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