Monday, July 21, 2014

Presenting My Paintings

As I continue with my painting endeavors, I have begun working more earnestly to seek out opportunities to display my work....
and hopefully, sell my work.
I currently have work at the following locations...
That's my 'The Fields Before Me' at the far left on the wall.
When I dropped off this entry, I found out that several people wanted to purchase the painting that I entered last year.
Of course they did...because it wasn't for sale.
This year's painting is for sale, so we'll see what happens.
I entered two pieces for this show which opened last Thursday.
My painting, Echinacea, is in good company.
It was placed over the award winning 'Some Trees', beautifully painted by Ona, another student of Georganna Lenssen.
The other painting I was entering, 'Summer Sky', presented a bit of a challenge for me.
It's a small painting, and I thought it really needed some kind of frame for it to be effectively presented.
At 4" x 12", it appeared the only frame I would be able to get would have to be a special order which is code for too much money for me.
Time to be a little industrious.
I went to the hardware store and bought a miter box and saw.
I bought some 1/4" x 2" poplar.
I got to work.
I made a very simple frame that has a smidge of a reveal on the front.
I hammered two small pieces of scrap wood into the upper corners to fasten a couple of eyelets for the hanging wire.
Nice and simple and done.
I decided I like the look so much...
that I've been making similar simple frames for some of my other paintings.
So when I went into the gallery to look for my 'Summer Sky' painting, I didn't see it right away.
That's because my small, little painting is very low on the wall, just above the air vent.
Oh well...last year the painting I entered was almost down at the baseboard, so at least I'm moving up in the world.

A few days after the opening, I was back at the Art Center and found a red dot....

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