Thursday, September 4, 2014

And...Another Leaf Necklace

When I made a fold formed leaf necklace the other night, I opted for a simple chain.
The part of my brain that prefers unique chains with wire wrapped lovely elements, would describe that previous chain as spartan. 
I needed to answer the inner demand for an alternative with more texture.
Fresh off my workbench is this variation of my fold formed leaf necklace.
Again, different sized leaves were wire wrapped to a short section of chain which was wire wrapped to a hand forged copper ring.
This time, I textured the copper ring with one of my wonderful, old chisels.
The chain consists of wire wrapped smoky crystals, long heavy gauge links formed from recycled copper wire and small, textured copper links.
As with the first necklace,
this one also has a handmade clasp.
now both sides of my brain feel satisfied.

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