Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bezel Pendants Part Two

After completing two bezel pendants this weekend, I returned to my workbench , planning to make two necklaces....
and then I sat there, stymied.
Often, the obvious direction is already in my head and I can put all focus on the making of whatever I'm envisioning.
This was not one of those times.
Since I wasn't sure how to construct the necklace, I decided to use some of the sterling links that I had just soldered.
I shaped a section of heavy gauge wire to fit through the formed bail and drilled both ends for wire wrapped connections.

As I began to construct a chain of links, I became increasingly dissatisfied.
Nothing felt right about my approach.
The pendant, with its large stone cabochon and riveted layers, did not need competition from a busy chain of over-sized links.
I needed to simplify, letting the pendant be the unchallenged "it" of the necklace.
Sterling chain replaced my chain-of-links, although I kept two links for added interest and texture, appreciating how they mimic the shape of the bezel.
A liver of sulfur treatment and sanding block cleaning were the finishing touches.

Much better.

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