Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November's Workbench

As is typical, November's workbench is a busy place.
Inventory has been dropped off for the 
and preparation for 
is well underway.

My stash of textured metals inspired some new pieces,like...
mixed, etched metals bracelet
with sterling bezel set labradorite caochon....

etched and roll-printed brass (and a smidge of silver nickel) bracelet
with sterling bezel set carnelian cabochon...

and etched copper ring
with sterling bezel set labradorite cabochon.

For several weeks, I've been working on another mission.
I found some great crystal briolettes at a bead show back in September.
Not sure how I would use them, I only bought ten.
I ended up wire wrapping the beads, making them the pendants of long necklaces featuring Herkimer diamonds, labradorite, citrine and amethyst.
The necklaces were well received at the Fine Art & Craft Festival in Swarthmore.
I regretted not having more and contacted the company that had sold them at the bead show only to find out that they had one left....
and they are not typically part of their inventory.
Of course.

Maybe I should have let it go at that point, but it was too late;
I was already a bit obsessed with having more of these crystals.
I also had the naive belief that 
'if I can easily Google it, I can easily find it.'
Well, not really.
These briolettes were not easy to find, even with the aid of the Google search engine.
But after emails, texts, shared photos, calls, false hopes...
I found some!
USPS dropped off my order yesterday,
and I got to work.
Wire wrapped crystals are now ready to become necklaces.

The wire wrapping sometimes had leftover pieces. 
I can't stand letting usable pieces of anything go to waste, 
so those scraps were turned into mini dangles.
How will I use the mini dangles?
I have no idea.
They'll probably still be on my workbench when next November comes around.

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