Sunday, June 12, 2016

Blocking, and Reblocking, a New Painting

I blocked out the beginning of a new painting a few nights ago
and thought,
"All right... 
this could possibly be the beginning of something worthwhile."
And then I really looked at it.

I was using a photograph for inspiration,
and realized that I had diverged from the image in some significant ways.
Diverging is not inherently a bad thing,
after all, 
a painting is not a photograph.

diverging can be a bad thing 
if the changes are not making an improvement.
My first session had everything a bit too high on the canvas
with the net effect of minimizing the sky...
not a good thing.
The expansiveness of the sky 
is one of the things that I find compelling about this photo.

I went to my easel last night to reblock the image.

Since I was primarily interested in getting the elements more properly situated,
I put only three colors of paint on my palette.
That limited palette was also a factor of my frugality.
The layout still needs quite a bit of finessing,
but I think that this updated version 
better captures the essence of the photograph.

More work, 
with more paint selections, 
later tonight.

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