Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lansdowne Theater Project Part I

Before moving to our current home,
my family lived in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania.
I enjoyed living there 
and continue to have a fondness for the community.
There is a wonderful diversity among the residents, 
and many are actively engaged in local politics 
as well as community activities and events.

During our 9 years in Lansdowne,
 I did the design for Sycamore Park
when the Borough secured the property to
protect one of the oldest trees, 
estimated to date to the mid 1600's, 
in Pennsylvania.

My family also took part in projects 
that improved the site designs 
of the Borough library 
and two war memorials that honor local veterans.

When you get involved in your community, 
you tend to meet some really wonderful people,
and we met the Schultz family, 
Matt and Judie and their daughter Helen.
A lifelong resident, 
Matt is committed to improving the community
and is the driving force behind the 
renovation of
the Lansdowne Theater.
photo by Brian Mengini
As Chief Executive Officer of the
Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation,
Matt has been using his organizational talents
to bring this jewel of a building back to life.

To learn more about this exciting project, 
please visit the 
Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation

Several months ago,
Matt suggested a possible collaborative effort.
Would I consider creating original artwork
that might hopefully support and promote
the ongoing restoration of the
Lansdowne Theater?

My response...
"Let me think about it."
I'm aware of my strengths,
and maybe more significantly,
of my weaknesses.
I didn't want to commit to a project
unless I thought I could do proper justice to the mission.

Matt let me have access to the theater
so I could gather images
that would hopefully provide the necessary inspiration.

During my visit,
I took part in one of the fundraising efforts
and made a donation 
to have a message installed on the theater's marquee.
My message, 
went up shortly after my photo gathering visit.

My initial sketches and painting studies 
left me underwhelmed 
as I struggled to find the right note.
I found myself thinking of the beautiful work by local artist,
Nancy Barch
Liberty 1 by Nancy Barch
and thought some of the techniques she has developed
might work nicely for my project.
As I reviewed Nancy's work online,
I realized she was offering a workshop at
Perfect timing....
and what an opportunity
to learn from a mixed media/collage master!

After the two days of the workshop, 
I now know a wide variety of techniques
that can be applied to the Lansdowne Theater project.
Feeling confident that I've found the right note,
I have numerous pieces in progress,
using images from my photo shooting visit
and of my
marquee message.

Part II of this project to come soon.

Visit Nancy Barch's web site to find information about upcoming workshops.

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