Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous Fall Color

Back out to the garden to appreciate the abundance of fall color. Maples and ash are reliably beautiful at this time of year, and are frequently planted for that reason. This Japanese maple in my front yard is spectacular for several weeks in October when the leaves range from deep orange to rich burgundy. The leaves also look fabulous as they lay on the Pachysandra bed and in the bird bath giving me the perfect excuse for not raking.

There are so many other plants that have wonderful fall color, and I am fortunate to have a few on our property. Above are the leaves of a Koelreuteria paniculata in the front yard. The yellows and oranges are so vibrant that the tree appears to glow, especially in the late afternoon sun.

At the corner of our back yard is a cluster of Sassafras albidum that are reliable fall color beauties.

Most years there is also a range of reds and oranges, but this year the Sassafras are awash in brilliant yellow.

A crabapple in the front yard that is covered in delicate white flowers in the spring is now covered with lemon-yellow fruit that the birds love.

Lysimachia, a somewhat invasive perennial, fills a corner of the front porch planting bed. I love how this plant looks from spring until the killing frost. The plants were covered with delicate yellow flowers in early summer, and in October, the leaves develop a lovely red/wine color.

While I greatly appreciate the abundance of flowers in the spring, my Japanese azaleas (Rhododendron japonicum) also have a wonderful blush of fall color.

I planted 5 blueberry bushes (Vaccinium corymbosum) with the hope of harvesting an abundance of berries. The birds always get all of the berries, so thank goodness the bushes have such beautifully vibrant fall color.

The oak leaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) are some of my favorite plants in the garden. The summer flowers are followed by a deep purple leaf display helping to make this an all-season beauty.

Even the Hydrangea macrophylla gets a little showy at this time of year.

And at the back of my yard is a lovely tawny color. Too bad it's a dead boxwood. Little by little the boxwood that were inherited with the property are inexplicably dying off. I should get out the loppers, but maybe I'll play Martha Schwartz and paint them purple.

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  1. It's so nice to hear someone appreciating colorful fall leaves rather than focusing on the impending raking. And I just noticed the other day how cool hostas look at this time of year, all light and papery. ... Well, at least I think it was hostas I was looking at!