Monday, November 9, 2009

Platter Possibilities

I recently found a small brass platter with a lovely etched pattern and paid the fabulous price of 50 cents. 

I thought the pattern had an abstract dream-like quality that would work nicely in some jewelry projects. 
I cut the rolled rim off with my shears and then began cutting out different sized discs. 
The discs shown above were sanded with a fine sanding block to finish the edges 
and to clean and brighten the surface.
The discs were then drilled top and bottom and domed in my dapping block. I like mixing metals, so the above earrings were made with sterling wire (that was balled) wrapped aventurine beads and niobium ear wires.

This pair used balled sterling wire with yellow Swarovski crystals and faceted carnelian beads and sterling ear wires. 
I like how the brass discs are not exactly the same but complement each other. 
I also like how I finally put my vintage floral frog to use and no flowers were involved.

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