Monday, August 16, 2010

Preparing for Autumn

With signs of Autumn appearing, I'm starting to focusing on materials that complement the colors of the season. This weekend, I chose green disc pearls and faceted garnets and sterling for a necklace. The pearls and garnet beads were wrapped with sterling wire and joined with links that I shaped with 18 gauge sterling wire.

I assembled two lengths of the pearls and garnet which were attached to sterling chain with a clasp. At first, I thought I was done but seeing the necklace on the display form left me underwhelmed. There was not enough substance, but I didn't think that I wanted to add another layer of pearls and garnet beads.

Instead, I chose to add a length of sterling chain.
Much better!

When making links for a specific project, I usually make practice pieces to determine the length of wire that needs to be cut for each link. With the price of sterling silver being what it is, I avoid waste whenever I can.
I discovered Parawire a number of years ago and always have their products on hand. I used their 18 gauge wire to make test links, finding out after a number of attempts that 1 3/4" was the length that I needed for my sterling links.

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