Monday, January 10, 2011

Assessing My Work

I created a mosaic tile of selected images from the past few years.

It is a valuable exercise to look back on your work and assess how you have evolved. For me, that means assessing my technical skills as well as my design skills. I continue to work on my methods of joining metal- wire wrapping, riveting and soldering (OY!...the soldering that sometimes makes me want to weep with frustration!!) I think that my value of words is clearly expressed in much of my work. I would never claim to be profound, but I do aim for gentle thoughtfulness and humor in my pieces and carefully select words to support that goal.

I know that I have frustrated more than a couple of past customers when they look for pieces similar to something that I made several years ago, and I have to explain that some items are no longer available. My inner wiring demands that I create things, be it jewelry or landscapes, and that I keep exploring new materials and new means of expression.
I have to keep moving forward.


  1. Beautiful work, I did a grid Saturday on my blog and was amazed by the fact that most all of them now have new homes :)

  2. Beadbug- I checked out your grid of work. How beautiful!!