Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Workshop

Jumping into the world of jewelry making can seem a bit daunting. Some common fabrication techniques require specific tools as well as specific knowledge. My studio includes a rolling mill, a metal guillotine, a flex shaft, a dapping block and punches, a disc cutter, a jeweler's saw, files, steel blocks, assorted hammers, and much more. I love tools, so I am usually very happy to justify the need for a new piece of equipment.
Not everyone is interested in making such a commitment to a plethora of tools, and that does not have to limit the quality or variety of jewelry that can be made.
Welcome to wire wrapping.

Wire wrapping is a basic technique in jewelry fabrication and requires only a few hand tools. The above bracelets were all made with sterling wire, closed sterling rings, semi-precious gemstones and sterling clasps and 4 hand tools.

This necklace detail shows how beads can be wire wrapped and turned into links. It also shows how tiny pearls can become decorative dangles by wire wrapping them directly onto the sterling silver chain.

There are endless ways to use wire wrapping skills resulting in unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry.
My new workshop will teach the basics of wire wrapping in a 4 hour session on Saturday, February 19 at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA. It will be a fun and productive afternoon!

Interested? Register at the Wallingford Community Art Center web site or contact me.

Please note that each workshop student needs to bring certain hand tools. The Art Center has the list, or you can email me for info.

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