Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When a Visitor Comes Calling

I always use natural lighting when photographing my jewelry. The drain area of my porcelain kitchen sink is a favorite location because the morning light is sometimes just enough to get a few acceptable images. If the conditions are just right, I prefer to set up outside where I usually increase my chance of getting those acceptable images.

Yesterday's lighting was great, it wasn't too cold, the wind was minimal and I had a window of time where I was not required to drive anybody anywhere. I set up in my driveway to photograph this necklace that I finished over the weekend. When teaching my recent wire wrapping workshop, one of the students asked how I figure out the design of a necklace. My answer.....I rarely have the design figured out as I start assembling my pieces. As with this necklace, I'll lay out a selection of materials that I think I want to work with and get started. I knew that I wanted to use stick pearls, so they were the first item on my workbench. I then gathered some faceted prehnite rondelles (the pale green beads- otherwise known as green amethyst) and various crystals. I had the necklace underway when I thought that a darker color might provide a nice contrast to the more gentle hues that I had already selected- enter the dark champagne colored disc pearls. As the chain emerged, I thought that some kind of central feature might be nice- enter the heart.

I made this sterling heart a number of years ago at a precious metal clay workshop and have had it in my sterling supplies box, waiting for the right inspiration. This was a pendant that was made at the end of the workshop as I tried to use up my pieces of scrap precious metal clay. When I look at the pendant now, I like how it can suggest that an open heart is vulnerable to being pierced by external forces. It was around the time that I was taking the heart pendant photo when a visitor showed up. This cat has been an occasional visitor for almost 4 years. She (?) is a sweet, purring bundle of delightfulness and likes to weave around my legs when she catches me working outside. It's literally hard to focus when a sweet cat is begging for attention. More probable is that the begging is for the food that she knows I will put out. I am a complete pushover, and set out food and drink when "Kitty" comes visiting. Nice, original name that I have given her. We can be very literal in our household. My one son still has his cherished stuffed, brown bear that he got for Christmas when he was 2 years old. The bear's name?....Brown Bear (which over the years was shortened to the nickname B.B.). My other son still has the stuffed dog that he received as a gift when he was 3 years old. The dog's name?.....Poochie. My sons are lucky that a little more creativity was used when their names were selected.

Anyway....setting out some food for "Kitty" allowed me to finish my photographing without stepping on my feline guest.

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