Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Today's big event was our community's St. Patrick's Parade.

This parade is so popular that for one day, it feels like our community is the epicenter of all things Irish in Pennsylvania.

The parade follows a route that wraps around my street, and I have learned from previous years that going anywhere in a vehicle is just not possible on this day. There are bands from local schools.

Our own town was well represented by the high school marching band.

I always look forward to the Mummers string bands, something that is unique to Philadelphia.

How could you not love a group of men dressed in fantastically garish costumes, playing banjos, accordions and saxophones?

Each string band has a leader who does his 'Mummer strut', a lively and animated dance that helps to rouse the crowd.

There are always some parade spectators who are so roused that they simply cannot contain themselves. They run into the street and perform their own strut alongside the band leader.
Watching these free spirited Mummer fans is usually my favorite part of the parade.

Not this year.

My favorite part had me laughing so hard that I didn't capture a good photo. This leprechaun was marching alongside a flatbed trailer.

On the flatbed trailer stood three young men who were drinking. That's it.

Oh was also smoking a cigarette.

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  1. Ha! Oh, that's great.

    Really, though, the parade itself does sound like a wonderful tradition.