Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Best Friend

I have found my new best soldering friend, and I am smitten!

This whole soldering thing has had me stymied for some time. Will the solder flow? Will my piece jump out of alignment as the flux bubbles? Will I totally melt my bezel wire?!

Enter Firescoff.

I have been using this spray-on flux and am finally getting more consistent (and more positive) results with my bezel soldering. This product is available at Rio Grande, and will now be one of my soldering station regulars.

With all of my bezel-making practice sessions, I have now accumulated a collection of bezel set stones that are begging to be put to use.

I have slowly been working my way through the bag of cabochons that I purchased last year, building my soldering confidence so that I can move onto more interesting, more challenging projects.

This cabochon is ready to become part the featured pendant in a necklace. The bezel was soldered onto a piece of etched nickel which was then riveted onto a piece of copper that is etched on one side and hammer-textured on the other.

Last night's efforts also included more etching.

I am itching to cut these up!

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