Thursday, June 2, 2011

New-Old Display

I am always looking for new ideas of how to display my jewelry. I have purchased some manufactured display pieces, especially for necklaces, but as with my jewelry, I want my presentation to be unique and to reflect my interest in recycled materials. Some of my favorite display pieces have been found at thrift stores and even at the curbside.
I recently found these pieces at a thrift store where they were being displayed in ladder-like fashion. I saw the display potential and bought them for $1.00 each.
Turned on their side, these little ladders become perfect windows to highlight pairs of earrings. I bought 3/8" double point staples and hammered them in place for hanging the earrings.
This is going to work well for my display, and I will have the option of setting these 'horizontal ladders' on a table or hanging them on a wall or other vertical surface.
The one problem is I don't have enough clearance to swing my hammer when setting the staples. Finishing one ladder was more time consuming and finger-aching than I imagined it would be. I am now conducting a search for a wee, little hammer.

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