Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Textured Evening

Last night was spent texturing different metals for future projects.
The above strips of copper were milled with cardstock flowers.
These strips will be flattened with a plastic mallet and then cut into discs and possibly smaller sections for bezel backings.
Brass discs were etched with small passages of text to be used for earrings.
This piece of copper was etched with lovely leaf fronds.
After the etchant was cleaned off with a baking soda wash, I torched the metal, bringing out a beautiful range of colors.
The whimsy of the evening was my bullet experiment.
I sanded the surface, taped off the top and carefully inked a pattern before placing the bullet into the etchant along with the brass discs and the piece of copper.
Not knowing if the bullet casing was actually brass, I didn't know if the ferric chloride would be effective.
An hour later, I had a curiously wonderful bullet which will be used for......?

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