Thursday, June 21, 2012


The moniker of 'starving artist' has become more and more meaningful in recent years. 
I do use many recycled materials when making jewelry, but I frequently have to place orders with some of my regular suppliers.  The price of sterling has been fluctuating in an appealing direction for a few months.  While I'm happy to see that it's now hovering at around $29.00 per ounce instead of last year's high of $48.00, it's sobering to know that when I began ordering sterling around ten years ago, the price was less than $5.00 per ounce. 
As I continue to learn how to paint with oils, or at least try to learn, I'm appreciating that many of the necessary supplies come at a surprising cost.  Since my goal is to eventually sell paintings, I'm being very mindful of the assorted expenses.
The cost of frames?......enough to make me gasp.
Factoring in the cost of a nice frame would probably make it difficult to price one of my paintings at a tempting level.
I now hunt for frames during my thrift store searches for metal.  
Most thrift stores have a collection of dreadful framed posters, prints and factory produced 'paintings', and that's where I like to browse.
I recently found a grouping of small wooden frames.  I'm not sure what the wood is (cherry?), but they are well crafted.
At .50 per frame, I took the whole grouping of nine.
I was sure that I wouldn't want the natural wood finish; I instead wanted the lustrous look of gold leaf. 
Was I going to gold leaf these frames? way!
Krylon to the rescue!
Specifically, Krylon Premium 18kt Gold Plate Metallic spray paint.
There were other gold metalic spray paints that were available at a cheaper price, but I trust the quality of Krylon and spent the extra amount.
I set up my 'professional' painting old shoe box to capture residual paint, in my driveway.  I actually did the painting far away from the stucco of my garage to avoid airborne, unwanted gilding.
Lovely golden frame, ready for a painting!


  1. Your garage could have been so fancy! :)

    Seriously, though, the frame looks great.

  2. I know....a gilded garage would have quite the statement, but I think I'll just stick to gilding the frames.