Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Garden

Last summer's photography class at Main Line Art Center has greatly improved my relationship with my camera- Nikon D40.  Now that I have a much better understanding of how to shoot in manual mode (I highly recommend it), I have been chronicling my garden as it changes through the season.  I read an article recently in which the expert said, "You can't be taken serioulsy if you're taking pictures of flowers."
Pish posh....I'm happy to remain completely irrelevant.
Front garden Crabapple
New Hydrangea for front garden.
Rhododendron that I planted 6 years ago, trying to build up a screen between my front yard and my neighbor.  It finally decided to grow and bloom this year.....worth the wait.
Deutzia gracilis that is completely covered with flowers in the Spring.
Mock Orange (Philadelphus) by my front door.....not an especially beautiful plant, but the flowers are wonderfully fragrant. 
Back garden Peony
Front garden Hydrangea
Front garden Rhododendron with mid-flight bee.
Back garden Hollyhock
Front garden Hosta
I like to think of my garden as telling a story. I remember where my plants came from....which nursery, which friend. They each carry their own story and come together in my yard to tell the story of my garden.
Some of the plants are especially dear to me.
These irises came from my parent's garden.  My mother bought them at Verona Park in Verona, New Jersey and repeatedly divided them, spreading them around her garden.
She also spread them to my garden.
Also from my parent's garden...a cluster of daylilies.
I have never seen daylilies that I consider to be more lovely than these.  The blush of pink is so delicate and beautiful, it never fails to make me smile when they come into bloom.
My parents have passed away and the family property sold just recently.
I like having the irises and daylilies in my garden, keeping me connected to our family story.


  1. I love your flowers. I need to go to a photo class too. Maybe it would help me on how to do the settings on my camera.

  2. I highly suggest taking a class. I still have plenty of photos that suffer the delete button, but I now have a better understanding of how to change the settings to get a better image. There are lots of great point and shoot cameras, but to get a digital SLR that also allows you to point and shoot gives you so much flexibility. I usually keep my camera in manual mode, especially for jewelry and flower shots since I can control the depth of important in these images. Good luck!!

  3. Nice pictures! I like to photograph flowers, too!

  4. Those photos look so alive! How many types of flowers do you have in your garden? Isn’t it hard to take care of them? We have a garden too, but it’s my grandparents who tirelessly looks after the plants and keeps the garden as beautiful as ever.

    -Katy Eagles