Monday, January 7, 2013

Turning Over a New Leaf

Last week, I met with the Manager of the Woodmere Art Museum Gift Store and we made plans for the inventory that I'll supply in preparation for Spring.
Yes, only a few weeks into Winter and it's time to get ready for Spring.
There was an interest in my fold formed leaf pendants, but the fact that they don't lay flat was an issue.
No problem.....I said that I would make other, flat-laying leaf pendants that could be considered when I return with new inventory.
I already had some milled copper leaves and got to work turning them into finished pendants.
Dried leaves had been rolled in my mill with sheets of annealed copper.
To give this pendant necessary substance, I saw cut a larger base of heavier gauge brass, texturing the edges with a ball peen hammer.
The two layers were riveted together with balled copper wire.
Because I generally like to have something interesting on both sides of my pendants, I stamped a message on the back side of the brass base before riveting the pieces together.


Maybe I should also learn how to better control my riveting hammer.


  1. Oooh. A rolling that sounds fun! So many tools, so little time. ;)

    Love the new flat leaf....riveting dings and all.

  2. Yes, the rolling mill is fun. I feel lucky to have one in my studio, but I'm always looking at the Rio catalog picking out the other tools to put on my wish list.

    The telltale dings are a real challenge for me when I'm working hard to get the backside of my rivets flush....arghhhhh!

  3. Gorgeous! I love that you used dried leaves to get that texture on the front.