Monday, June 3, 2013

New Leaf Necklace

Some of the fold formed leaves that I recently made
have found a new purpose...

I chose to do a variation of an earlier necklace, making this one a tad more delicate in appearance.
The initial necklace sold quickly at the show where it debuted, but I did hear a number of comments that it was just a bit too dramatic for some of my potential customers.
I really do listen to input.
While I make what I want to make, I also want to make pieces that will sell and be worn.
Do I factor in all comments and suggestions?, but I might if I think it's a good idea.
Like the initial necklace, this one also has a handmade clasp.
For some reason, making this clasp was a definite pain.
Maybe it was just too hot in my studio, but it took me 4 attempts to get the right curve to the hook portion of the clasp.
When things start to go awry with wire wrapping, I find that the only thing to do is cut off the offending piece and start fresh with a new piece of wire.
I gave myself a stern talking to when beginning my 4th attempt and was happy that I did not need to start a 5th.
Yes, in spite of all the wire wrapping I do, I can still flub things up.


  1. I can totally relate, it took me two attempts at a wrapped loop for an earring this morning. I love your fold formed leaves, I'm just staring to get into fold forming my self I really like the different forms

  2. Lynsey- it's frustrating, isn't it?...especially when you're working on something that is really very simple. I've made lots of this style of clasp and yet I had such difficulty finding my wrapping zone.