Sunday, June 23, 2013

Etched Bracelet

I love etching metal but often find it difficult to actually use the pieces of etched loveliness.
If I use it, it will be gone.
I makes no sense.
I finally decided to do something with part of that lovely stockpile.
With my metal guillotine, I cut segments of different metals etched with different patterns, making what felt like my own strange form of currency.
I purposely varied the lengths and widths by a smidge because I'm not one to go for everything perfectly matched and logically coordinated.  
That's just a bit too predictable for my liking.
My collection of etched segments were filed and sanded on all edges and corners.
Using a previously made bezel feature with a resin set image from an old Biology textbook as my pattern, I marked the drill hole locations which were drilled with my flex shaft and then cleaned up with a bur.
I mixed pieces of copper, brass and nickel and joined them with 16 gauge copper jump rings.
While I liked how everything was coming together, I thought it looked too clean and bright.
Out came my old can of liver of sulfur.
After soaking in  a warm solution of liver of sulfur and a selective cleaning with a foam sanding block....
now it's done.


  1. Gorgeous!! I have yet to drum up the courage to etch metal. I have a huge fear of failure! I'm so glad you used your lovely etched pieces.

  2. Alice- If fear of failure is holding you back from trying etching, I would encourage you to go ahead and try's really very easy. There are some good tutorials that you should read/watch first (Rings & Things has one)because you really do have to understand how to properly handle the ferric chloride. Go for it!!!...and I would then be interested in seeing your results!

  3. Thanks Annika! I'm sending in my application for the Main Line Art Center Holiday Sale....assuming I'm accepted, hope to see you there.