Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thrift Store Find Meets Ceramic Find

The only thing better than a great thrift store find is a great thrift store find that  costs a whopping
75 cents. often can you expect to find something wonderful for less than a dollar?
I had that rare, lucky day recently when I found this small, textured brass tray at a local thrift store.
The carnage began almost immediately.
Using metal shears, I cut out sections that could then fit into my disc cutter.
Yes, I saved those dimpled pieces of rim....who knows when they might come in handy.
Once some discs were cut, I sanded all surfaces.
Some were drilled with top/bottom holes to later become links or earring components.
Others were center drilled to become bead caps.
When using large beads, I often like to use caps to help the beads 'sit' securely, both functionally and visually.
The caps also present an opportunity to introduce additional texture to a piece.
Bead caps from my thrift store tray were used in a newly completed necklace that features another great find....
this beautiful raku pendant by local ceramic artist, Joy Kerschner.
I purchased this pendant at the Wayne Art Center Annual Ceramics Sale.
The colors and textures of the raku pendant spoke to me (loudly spoke to me), and I knew that I wanted to make an equally colorful and textured necklace to properly complement Joy's inspired work.
The necklace that I made includes the recycled glass beads and bead caps, carnelian, amazonite, discs from a silver plated thrift store platter and a handmade clasp.
I am lucky to be living in an area that has a very active arts community.
With three art centers and many galleries near my home, I have the opportunity to take part in classes, workshops, exhibits and festivals.
I also have the opportunity to meet a nice variety of people who share a similar passion for creating a life filled with artistic expression.
Joy and I plan to meet soon to talk about the possibility of future collaborative efforts.
I am so looking forward to this meeting!

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