Friday, August 30, 2013

I Love Tools!

One reason that I love making jewelry is the fact that I can easily justify the purchase of tools.
I love tools...all kinds of tools.
I'm the type who enjoys wandering the aisles of local hardware stores, admiring the power tools, hand tools and other products.
So when Beadfest came to town last weekend, I thought, 'Ooooh...time for tools!'
I have been wanting a set of wooden punched/dapping block for a long time....done!
Same for an oval shaped, stepped bracelet mandrel....done!
Shaping my fold formed cuffs on a circular mandrel was not ideal which led to multiple smashings of my left thumb and forefinger.
I had not planned on purchasing this hammer by Fretz, but it is such a beauty that I could not resist.
Also, if I ordered by catalog, it was going to cost me an additional $25.00.
And on my workbench, progress is being made in preparation for upcoming shows.
The leaf pendant that I made last year has finally been put to use.
With many of my pieces, I like including something special on the back. 
Something that will hopefully be meaningful to the eventual owner.
The front is a roll printed copper leaf that I riveted to the brass base using balled, recycled copper wire.
A liver of sulfur bath and gentle cleaning afterwards helped to highlight the textural details.
The completed necklace includes sterling chain and wire, green agate, howlite, citrine, smoky quartz, garnet, handmade brass and copper rings and handmade beadcaps.


  1. I almost took a photo of the Fretz hammer display. They're SO beautiful!

  2. Fretz hammers are beautiful. The only thing better than looking at one of these beauties is holding one in your hand...the balance is perfect.