Monday, November 11, 2013

New/Old Jewelry Display

When I first began to sell my jewelry years ago, I went to some of the jewelry supply companies to select my display pieces.
I did my craft show research, and it seemed like most of the jewelers went with black display pieces and black table/display covers.
I thought they all know what they're doing, plus the black display pieces do have an elegant look to them.
I got on board and ordered black velvet necklace displays, black velvet display boards and I bought yards of black fabric for table covers.
That worked for me for a number of years, but as my jewelry making evolved in new directions, so did my thoughts about what I wanted to communicate through my display.
I began to think that if I wanted my jewelry to be unique, my display should also be unique.
Focusing on the fact that I incorporate recycled materials in  some of my jewelry, I began seeing some curbside trash and thrift store finds as great display pieces.
I also decided that the black wasn't working for me any more.
I wanted everything to be brighter.
I started repurposing old frames, infilling them with creamy burlap.
I ordered some new necklace displays, this time choosing white.
I kept my black table covers, but now cover them with vintage tablecloths that I've found in thrift stores.
I'm feeling much better with this brighter approach.
I'm always looking for new possibilities for my display, and my newest find.... 
I'm not sure what this might have been used for, but I immediately thought that I could use it to display bracelets.
I like the fact that the dividers are a bit adds to the charm.
I didn't like the idea of having wood as a backdrop for each display compartment; it's too dark.
No problem.
I cut pieces of insulation board and polyester batting.
Pieces of creamy burlap were laid over the batting, wrapped around the sides and secured with a staple gun.
The burlap covered infills are now snug in the compartments and hardware was attached to the back of the piece for hanging on the wall.
Easy upgrade for a thrift store find, and I have a new display for this holiday season of shows.

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