Friday, October 10, 2014

Holy Grail Part Two

I must have done something really right recently because this appears to be my week of good luck.
I have found two of my holy grail items in five days.
Pinch me!
Taking photos of some of my jewelry can occasionally prove challenging, especially when I want to feature one of my long necklaces.
For years, I have been longing for a vintage dress form, especially one by the Wolf Form Company, to stage necklaces, but apparently many other people want these dress forms as well.
I have been doing regular searches on ebay, craigslist and other sites/shops, and have always shown up to biddings a bit too late or found dress forms that were significantly out of my price range.
After delivering new inventory to Woodmere Art Museum this morning, I stopped at a consignment shop that I passed because of an annoying detour I had to take.
I walked through the door and
in front of me were TWO Wolf Form Co. dress forms.
One was already sold, and the other one is now in my house.
She's going to require some tender care because a packing tape neck just will not do, and she has some unfortunately situated fabric loss.
Otherwise....she's perfect.
I've begun calling her Bertha.
Being a vintage dress form with a commanding presence, I thought an 'old fashioned' name was appropriate.
I'm not too keen on the fact that 'vintage' Bertha, circa 1965, is younger than me.
So....two holy grail items in five days...not bad.
If an anvil shows up at my front door, this will truly be an awesome week.


  1. I've been wanting one of these for a long time. But where I live there are none. Lucky you!

  2. Alice- I was lucky, and hope that you will eventually get lucky also.