Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Preparing More Earrings for the Order

I've been busy at my workbench making the third style of earrings for the on-line store order.
As with the two previous styles, I needed to be careful and consistent as I made each pair.
Even though I have a pretty good eye for creating balance, I needed to have a more reliable method for locating the center of an assortment of discs.
Discs were cut from 24 gauge brass.
In order to cut out a small, inner disc, I needed to determine the center of each disc.
I ended up cutting out a cardboard disc and located the center point at the intersection of two drawn diameters.
That intersection point was punched out allowing me to use a Sharpie to mark the center of each disc.
With the center located, I cut out the interior disc.
The discs were then annealed and sanded.
Connection holes were drilled and the discs were formed in my wooden dapping block.
Now my consistent (or fairly consistent) discs are ready to become earrings.

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