Sunday, March 22, 2015

Preparing an Order

I was recently asked if I would want to be one of the featured artists  for an online store.
Well, that was an easy "Yes"!
In contrast to how I typically work, I would need to provide multiples of each featured piece of jewelry.
Many of the supplies on my workbench did not seem to be appropriate candidates for this new request.
My etched metals have too much variety in the texture.
Lots of the gemstones have too much variety in the color.
I ended up making 4 earring prototypes that could be recreated with minimal variation.
After presenting the 4 styles for review, 3 were selected, along with one of my necklace designs.
When I develop a new style of earrings, I always wear the prototype for a while to understand if I need to make any adjustment to the design.
My opinion is that earrings should look lovely without being heavy, noisy or too.....anything.
This is one of the pairs that I prepared.
I've been wearing them for around a week and they are my new favorite.
The design is simple and elegant, and I get complements each time I wear them.
A request was made that I add texture to the piece of brass.
No problem.
I knew that I couldn't trust my intuitive approach to be able to make multiple copies and was careful to measure and document each step.
The size of the brass tab, how long the wire is, where I bend the wire to make the connecting loop, which plier was's all noted in my book.
Ready for the sterling earwires and delivery this week.

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