Friday, July 17, 2015

So Much Art This Weekend!

There is so much to do this weekend
if you're the type who enjoys looking at art
and if you're the type who lives near me.
just opened the Annual Student Show
and there are many wonderful pieces all completed by local artists.
(like me....those 2 small paintings to the right of the yellow pears are by yours truly)
just opened the Annual Members Show.
Again, all work on display is by local artists.
(again, like me....that's my 'Summer Fields' top center)
If that's not enough,
Woodmere Art Museum
is having its first
Porch Sale.
Items on The Porch will include pieces by regional artists.
(and yes, again....that includes me)
Yes, I am shamelessly recommending events that include me, but I will always encourage the promotion of local artists.
It's fun and inspiring,
and sometimes surprising, 
to discover the wonderful talent in one's own community .


  1. I really like your small paintings! Perhaps next time you want jewelry components we'll have to do a trade....

    1. We'll definitely have to consider trading!!