Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Religious Relics

In spite of an ongoing, internal debate and conflicted feelings that I have regarding organized religion,
I continue to be somewhat obsessed with religious medallions.
A handmade ceramic bowl that sits on my workbench holds all of my medallions and crosses as well as the occasional National Honor Society charm.
It's kind of amusing that I can't seem to stop myself because it's a bit challenging to find selling opportunities for any jewelry that I make with these special relics.
The majority of my sales are through galleries and gift shops, and they tend to keep away from items that have a religious theme.
we are Philadelphia and we are hosting the World Meeting of Families in September which will include Pope Francis conducting a Papal Mass on the Ben Franklin Parkway on Sunday, September 27.
I like Pope Francis.
I like how he speaks of inclusiveness and of environmental justice.
The whole city seems to energized by the upcoming visit,
I asked the Manager of the Museum Gift Shop if there might be interest in some jewelry featuring religious relics.
She said yes.
Going through my entire collection, I was able to find several pairs of charms....
perfect for earrings.
Other than some necessary drilling, I did little to the charms.
It was important to keep any existing patina intact because I consider that part of the unique story of each of these special relics.
The earrings are being delivered to Woodmere Art Museum this afternoon along with a collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces...
including this one featuring a luscious African turquoise pendant.
The new inventory will be featured, along with new inventory from the other local artists, in the
Gift Shop Porch Sale,
July 17, 18 & 19.

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