Sunday, February 14, 2016

Labradorite Necklace

A few days ago, I had some success at the soldering bench.
(all right, some of it was a tad sloppy...the bee...whoops)
As is typical, I had no specific plans for the pieces I made.
Luckily, having no defined idea of where I'm going has never been a problem for me,
so I got to work with the bezel set labradorite.
I was already feeling good that I had the stone securely set since I had to make my own bezel wire due to the depth of the labradorite.
A strip of copper was cut, textured with some of my steel tools, annealed and recut to ensure consistent edges needed for the soldering to take.

Using my jeweler's saw, some of the base was cut away to highlight the shape of the stone.
Texturing was added with one of my old chisels,
connector holes were drilled
and all edges were filed and sanded.

Some of my recently etched copper was used for the base
so that the back of the pendant would have something of interest.

Recycled copper wire was used to make a variety of links
as well as the clasp.

All pieces were wire wrapped
with faceted tourmaline and smoky quartz.
This necklace and a small grouping of selected jewelry pieces will be on display at the 

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