Monday, February 29, 2016

Still Setting Those Stones

Following the recent completion of my new jasper necklace, I decided I should continue my momentum and repurpose another of the Bead Fest acquired pendants.
I still felt the need to create a unique setting so that I could ditch the cheap, uninspired bail that came with each stone.
The pendant 2nd in from the left in the top row became the new candidate for pendant/necklace #2.
I took my time in planning out the setting because I decided I wanted to make the piece using only cold connections.
Thoughtful decisions had to be made so that each step would prepare for the next.

A template was made of the stone, and using my jeweler's saw, I cut the shape a smidge larger from a piece of 16 gauge nickel that I had etched with a cheesecloth pattern.
Like the previous necklace, I decided to use two formed bails to create a nice stability for this 2 1/2" wide pendant.
Strips of roll printed brass were cut and shaped with my large bail pliers.
Using a piece of 20 gauge brass, I cut out the shape of the stone with six extended tabs.
That piece of brass was riveted to the etched nickel base with four sterling rivets.
With the two layers secured, I was then able to situate the two brass bails, each fastened with two sterling rivets.
The tabs were then bent with flat nose pliers to secure the jasper stone in place.

A fine grit sanding block was used 
to make sure that the rivets were smooth,
and a bezel setting tool was used to tighten the grip of the tabs.
The new pendant hangs on a simple and graceful cable of stainless steel, 
finished with a sterling silver clasp.


  1. I'm so glad you saw the importance of making this beautiful stone into a statement; something the accompanying bail and drilled hole never came close to. Well that's why they sell stones and you are a designer!

  2. Thanks Barbara! Where's the fun in simply putting a pre-drilled, pre-bailed stone on a chain?

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