Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bracelet Redo Part Two

I had an amusing Part Two to 
that I wrote about last year.

I had made two bracelets at the same time, 
using parts of a photo that was included in a flea market find...
a treasure trove of vintage black & white photographs.

The photo in question looked like it could have been from the Dustbowl Era of the 1930's
with a small group of people gathered at the stoop of a dilapidated house.
I was drawn to the image because of the somber suggestion of perseverence.

One shop had a bracelet with the image a man who I thought of as a hybrid of James Dean and Tom Joad.
After too many people commented on how creepy they found the image,
I was asked to do a redesign....
which I did.

When I made last week's delivery to another shop,
a favor was asked.
I had forgotten that this second shop had the second bracelet, featuring the female from the photo who I think of as
Grim Grandma.
the bracelet was still there because their customers also found the image to be a bit creepy. 
Just like before, I was asked if I could swap out the resin-set image for a bezel-set stone.
I like to keep the shops happy, so I said,
"No problem."
The bracelet came home with me,
but when I brought it to my workbench,
I realized that I didn't really want to make the change.
There's a genuine kinship I feel with this woman.
Her image suggests to me that no matter what hardship life presents,
it can be faced
and life will continue.

I contacted the shop and asked if we could do an even swap with another bracelet.
They agreed. 
An alternative was sent out 
Grim Grandma is now part of my permanent, personal collection.

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