Sunday, April 17, 2016

Clementine Necklace

BeadFest was in town last week, and I went to purchase materials...
some that I needed 
and some that I just wanted.

I recently came to realize that I really did need a 
soldering tripod...
to help me avoid some of my workbench disasters.
The tripod will let me focus an acetylene flame on the bottom of a piece of metal to which I'm soldering a more fragile bezel.
In theory, the solder will be drawn downward, toward the heat and I won't melt my bezel,
as I have been known to do.
A new tripod is at my soldering statio,
waiting to be tested.

I move through BeadFest very quickly to avoid expensive temptation.
I have an abundance of supplies at my workbench,
so I don't really need more beads, stones or cabochons.

something caught my eye as I passed one of the vendors who had multiple table tops covered with thousands of beads.
One strand of large, orange ceramic beads made me stop.
At 1 1/4" diameter, these beads reminded me of luscious, juicy clementines.
they had to come home with me.

Fresh off my workbench...
my first clementine project
featuring handmade, etched beadcaps,
clasp and links made from recycled copper wire,
and wire wrapped citrine, flourite and vintage glass beads.

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