Friday, January 29, 2010

Poetic License

I really like license plates. When driving, I always pay attention to the license plates of the cars in front of me especially when they are from another state. When my twins were younger, I came up with a couple of license plate games to help pass the travel time (come up with a correct math equation that uses all of the numbers was one). Expired license plates always capture my interest. They usually have a patina that suggests a well-traveled history filled with trips that tell stories of a family's life. I never throw out my old plates, and I look for others at flea markets and yard sales.

I recently cut up some old Pennsylvania plates that were given to me by a friend and decided to make a pin.

I saw cut the R keeping part of the flat portion as a border. I also cut out the center part of the R to create a window effect. All edges were filed and sanded.

I cut a piece of copper mimicing the R shape to make the back of the pin and stamped words starting with the letter R. I penciled some guidelines which I obviously did not follow too closely.

Front and back were riveted together after I attached part of a dictionary page to the back of my window.

The pin backing was also riveted in place before the front and back were attached. The copper was oxidized and then sanded to highlight the letters.
Whoops- I had not intended to show favoritism for RUMINATE.

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