Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Salt of the Earth

My one son is in the midst of his independent science project regarding endocrine disruptors in our waterways. In order to do testing of his samples he needed to find access to a gas spectrometer. Two members of the chemistry department at the fabulous college that is nearby are helping him (one helped him with developing the testing for last year's project on mycoremediation). These are the kind of people who are my heroes. People who take time in their busy lives to guide and inspire students. I am thrilled that my son is surrounded by mentors- these chemistry professors, the teachers in our school district and a variety of professionals who have offered thoughtful guidance.
I thought I would show thanks to these two wonderful chemists with earrings made especially for someone who is at home in a chemistry lab. 'NaCl' (sodium chloride- the chemical equation for salt) is stamped on one piece of brass and 'OF THE EARTH' is stamped on the other. The bottoms were textured with a center punch. Fresh water pearls dangle from one pair and carnelian beads from the other.
Mentors are the salt of the earth.
Thank you.

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  1. Ha! Clever! I love nerdy puns.

    Also, endocrine disruptors? Bless his chemistry-understanding heart! Or, put another way, I'm super impressed. :)