Sunday, February 21, 2010


I frequently incorporate words in my jewelry, and I often use this
pocket dictionary from 1944 as a favorite source. Dictionaries are on my list of things to look for at thrift stores, church bazaars and yard sales, and the older the better.
I like how there is a slight irregularity in the alignment of the letters. The n's in 'Pronunciation' all look like they are taking a small hop which adds to the unique and appealing character.

I like the small font size which makes the scale perfect for some of my jewelry. I also appreciate the illustrations that are scattered throughout the dictionary.

I found this particular dictionary around a year ago and have been pillaging the pages since.

I am very mindful about the message that my jewelry might convey and give
thoughtful consideration to the words that I select.

Some of the words have been used in these charms and links. I coat the paper with a gel medium to seal it and then cover it with resin.

This week I tired something new and made these dictionary charms by soldering copper jump rings onto open brass squares. I treated the metal in a bath of liver of sulphur and then sanded them with a fine sandpaper. The dictionary squares were coated for protection and then set in resin which allows the charms to be viewed from either side.
I do find these quite charming.

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